Dominique Giroud was born in 1971 into the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers. After an apprenticeship as a wine merchant, he completed his oenology training at the Changins School of Engineering in 1992 and went into partnership with his father, who had long experience of working in the vineyards, with Dominique Giroud more specifically in charge of the oenological and commercial aspects. At the time, father and son owned a hectare and a half of vines but had no production facilities. They decided to buy a winery in Chamoson, which they would keep for over ten years until the opening of the one in Sion in 2008.

These twenty years have been marked by steady growth in business, the fruit of hard work, a philosophy based on excellence and a keen commercial sense. In 2013, when the media campaign against him forced him to cease all activities under the name "Giroud Vins SA", Dominique Giroud was at the head of a company with around a hundred employees and over fifty hectares of vines.

In 2011, Dominique Giroud's career was hailed by BILAN magazine which places it in the Top 50 best-performing companies in French-speaking Switzerland.

In 2013, he was one of a hundred personalities from French-speaking Switzerland selected by L'Hebdo for its Forum des 100. But the most important medals for Dominique Giroud are those won by his wines: more than 300 awards that testify to the priority always given to the quality of his wines. Over the years, Dominique Giroud has surrounded himself with the best oenologists, including Daniel Dufaux (President of the Swiss Union of Oenologists), Philippe Corthay (former professor at Changins, consultant oenologist) and Steve Blais from Michel Rolland Conseils, one of the most renowned consultants in Bordeaux and the world.

Dominique Giroud: media coverage

Between us

Contrary to media accusations, Dominique Giroud has never been condemned by any judge or prosecutor for his oenological practices. Mistakes have been made in his cellars, but these are not the only ones. unintentional errors as happens in any human activity and in many other cellars. Over the last ten years, federal and cantonal inspectors have found that 900 winegrower-winemakers and winegrower-merchants have made mistakes.

The most serious accusation falsely made against Dominique Giroud is that of having tampered with St-Saphorin wine. Dominique Giroud has always denied this. He has said over and over again that this accusation was unfounded. But nobody ever believed him. Now that the legal proceedings ended with his acquittalIt should be pointed out that there was never any Fendant in the St-Saphorin sold by Dominique Giroud.

Dominique Giroud: Award,

More than 300 medals won in national and international wine competitions.


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