3 December 2014 | Dominique Giroud acquitted, there was never any Fendant in his St-Saphorin

Press release

In 2006, Dominique Giroud sold a batch of 100,000 bottles of St-Saphorin. This was the first time that a Valaisan had distributed Vaud wine on a large scale, although the reverse is often the case. In 2009, a criminal complaint was lodged by a Vaud winegrower, but was withdrawn two years later. In order to determine the exact origin of the wine being sold, the Public Prosecutor's Office continued its investigations.

In December 2013, an RTS report about this procedure and falsely claiming that Dominique Giroud had committed illegal acts triggered the wildest rumours and insinuations. Disregarding the presumption of innocence and the reality of the facts, Dominique Giroud was widely accused of having tampered with his wines by adding Fendant to St-Saphorin. On several occasions, Dominique Giroud publicly declared that these accusations were unfounded, but to no avail: he continued to be pilloried.

Today, following an in-depth investigation, the courts have confirmed that Dominique Giroud in no way tampered with his wine and that "the 100,000 bottles of St-Saphorin were in compliance with the applicable legislation". Dominique Giroud's lawyer, Yannis Sakkas, added: "The court ruling that brings this case to an end is now in force. This case is closed; Dominique Giroud has been definitively cleared.

On the occasion of this court decision, Dominique Giroud wishes to point out that he has never been convicted by any judge or prosecutor for his oenological practices. He hopes that this fact will now be recognised and that the gratuitous and unfounded accusations will come to an end.

Press release dated 3 December 2014

Dominique Giroud

Dominique Giroud

I'm facing a media storm. I've been wrongly accused of tampering with my wines to make money. Journalists have overdramatised and criticised without any nuance. In so doing, they have tarnished and perhaps ruined forever my reputation as an oenologist. Faced with these accusations, I have decided to publish my version of events on this website.

Readers will be the judge.

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