24 December 2018 | "Temps Présent" Eric Felley's regrets

It's certainly not the kind of article that makes headlines, but that's no reason to pass up an opportunity to say thank you. Le Matin and its journalist Eric Felley.

On Christmas Eve 2018, the "lematin.ch" website carried an article headlined "Dominique Giroud's wife died suddenly in Valais". In the midst of mourning for the winegrower's family, this publication by Eric Felley relayed facts that were "not in line with reality", as the headline now modestly acknowledges.

Not only has "Ms Erika Giroud been cleared by the courts following the dismissal order issued by the Federal Tax Administration on 27 August 2013", but Ms Giroud "has also never been ordered to pay any tax fines", admits the Lausanne-based media outlet.

Fortunately, the case was "resolved by consensus before the Vaud courts". The author of the article, for his part, expressed regret for the inaccuracies that were published in a painful context.


Press release

Picture of Dominique Giroud

Dominique Giroud

I'm facing a media storm. I've been wrongly accused of tampering with my wines to make money. Journalists have overdramatised and criticised without any nuance. In so doing, they have tarnished and perhaps ruined forever my reputation as an oenologist. Faced with these accusations, I have decided to publish my version of events on this website.

Readers will be the judge.

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