31 March 2023 | Tarnished reputation and a hefty bill for IVV

The Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin du Valais (IVV) has had one legal setback after another. And it's costing a lot. Who is going to pay? Which begs the question: does the IVV really defend the interests of the wine industry, or just the personal interests of its directors?

24 December 2018 | "Temps Présent" Eric Felley's regrets

It's certainly not the kind of article that makes headlines, but that's no reason to pass up an opportunity to thank Le Matin and its journalist Eric Felley. On Christmas Eve 2018, the "lematin.ch" website carried an article headlined "Dominique Giroud's wife died suddenly in Valais". [...]

20 April 2018 | Yves Steiner and RTS before the Swiss Press Council

By a combination of circumstances, a particularly original corpus from the point of view of media ethics is now available. It concerns the recording by the police of telephone conversations between a journalist and one of his sources. For the first time in the history of journalism in Switzerland - and perhaps even more widely - it is possible to [...]

25 January 2018 | The 24 Heures fake news accusing Dominique Giroud

When journalists forget the basics of their profession and fail to check their information, the result is fake news. Today, under the pen of Fabiano Citroni, the daily 24 Heures published such fake news, claiming that Dominique Giroud had been questioned by Patrick Schriber, the public prosecutor, for having sold wine [...].

10 January 2017 | "Temps Présent" severely condemned by the courts

The AIEP - the SRG's supervisory body - found in favour of Dominique Giroud and, in the recitals of its decision of 25 August 2016, sent a veritable volley of green wood to 'Temps Présent'. The recitals read like a laundry list of the serious faults accumulated by journalists at Temps Présent.

8 September 2016 | New display of media mediocrity in the Giroud case

Le Temps, l'ats, la RTS, 20 minutes, 24 Heures, la Tribune de Genève, Le Nouvelliste, Le Matin, etc., all the media are interchangeable when it comes to the Giroud case. A few days ago (on 25 August 2016), a decisive piece of information could have been broadcast in all these media. And what was that? The Temps Présent [...] programme.

25 August 2016 | Temps Présent condemned for smearing Dominique Giroud

Does Temps Présent ring a bell? It's the gem of news programmes in Switzerland and Europe. A benchmark since its creation in 1969. "Heavyweight", as journalists would say today. To date, the programme has never been found guilty of breaching its duty of objectivity and truthfulness. In fact, it likes to [...]

25 April 2016 | Refusing transparency to avoid fuelling "media lynching"

At the end of 2014, Dominique Giroud was cleared by the courts of the suspicion that he had put Fendant in his St-Saphorin. Stunned and disappointed, the journalists who had campaigned against him for a year refused to believe it. In their eyes, Dominique Giroud could not be innocent. Several of them asked to see the [...].


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