10 January 2017 | "Temps Présent" severely condemned by the courts

AIEP - supervisory body of the SSR - found in favour of Dominique Giroud and, in the recitals of its decision of 25 August 2016, sent a veritable volley of green wood to "Present time". These recitals read like a laundry list of the serious faults accumulated by the RTS journalists, who are accused of having produced a "tendentious" report that "highlighted only aspects to the detriment of Dominique Giroud and nothing in his defence", The report "omitted information essential to public understanding", "discredited Dominique Giroud", "aroused a feeling of contempt towards him", "failed to respect the essential duties of journalistic diligence" and whose "shortcomings prevented the public from forming its own opinion about Dominique Giroud". AIEP concludes that "Present time"by "delivering an indictment judging Dominique Giroud morally, personally and professionally and in a negative way", "did not respect the principle of the faithful presentation of events" and "therefore violated" the law. In the nearly 50 years of its existence, this is only the third time that the prestigious programme "Present time"is condemned by AIEP for failing in his duties of objectivity and veracity. This conviction is excellent news for Dominique Giroud in the context of the civil claim he lodged in November 2016 against the SSR in particular for violation of personality rights, together with a claim for compensation of at least CHF 15 million for damages suffered as a result of the smear campaign conducted by the SSRparticularly through the "Present time"January 22, 2015.

Press release

Picture of Dominique Giroud

Dominique Giroud

I'm facing a media storm. I've been wrongly accused of tampering with my wines to make money. Journalists have overdramatised and criticised without any nuance. In so doing, they have tarnished and perhaps ruined forever my reputation as an oenologist. Faced with these accusations, I have decided to publish my version of events on this website.

Readers will be the judge.

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