21 January 2016 | The role of RTS and journalist Yves Steiner denounced by an investigation in the German-language press

La Weltwoche reveals in a lengthy investigation the dubious actions and complicity of Yves Steiner, an RTS journalist who has since moved to the service of the Swiss Confederation, in the cyber-attack that allegedly targeted two journalists in French-speaking Switzerland in March 2014. The most disturbing aspect of this affair is that Yves Steiner is in the thick of things. He is both the confidant and mentor of a detective who was involved in the hacking attempt. Has Yves Steiner been targeted by a cyber-attack or is he the de facto instigator? On reading this article, the question is so pressing that one wonders why the Geneva Public Prosecutor's Office has not taken the former journalist into custody in order to shed full light on his role in the affair, which is murky to say the least. Other revelations from the Weltwoche: it emerges from the minutes of the current Geneva proceedings that Yves Steiner asked the detective in question to record Dominique Giroud without his knowledge, including when he was meeting with his lawyers. What's more, this lawless and unethical journalist was in a way an active accomplice in the hacking attempt against his colleague Marie Parvex. In the event that the attempt succeeded, he asked the detective to consult the documents taken from the computer of the former Le Temps employee. The article also reveals that Dominique Giroud has filed a claim for damages against SSR and Yves Steiner. None of this exclusive information was picked up by the French-language press.

Weltwoche of 21 January 2016

Picture of Dominique Giroud

Dominique Giroud

I'm facing a media storm. I've been wrongly accused of tampering with my wines to make money. Journalists have overdramatised and criticised without any nuance. In so doing, they have tarnished and perhaps ruined forever my reputation as an oenologist. Faced with these accusations, I have decided to publish my version of events on this website.

Readers will be the judge.

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