2 October 2014 | Wine cutting: Dominique Giroud sets the record straight

Press release On 21 February 2014, RTS suggested that Dominique Giroud was a dishonest winegrower who did not hesitate to tamper with hundreds of thousands of litres of wine in order to enrich himself. False and defamatory, these insinuations have caused a wave of general indignation that has ruined the reputation of Dominique Giroud and [...]

27 August 2014 | Dominique Giroud's fundamental rights violated

Press release The Valais Grand Council's Management Committee (Cogest) has been authorised by the Council of State to consult Dominique Giroud's entire tax file. This authorisation was given in violation of the principles and procedural rules of a constitutional state. To ensure that his constitutional rights are respected, Dominique Giroud is [...]


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