31 March 2023 | Tarnished reputation and a hefty bill for IVV

The Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin du Valais (IVV) has had one legal setback after another. And it's costing a lot. Who is going to pay? Which begs the question: does the IVV really defend the interests of the wine industry, or just the personal interests of its directors?

17 March 2023 | The scandal is that there is no scandal!

Justice stalls! Unable to unleash her fury on her usual targets, Marie Parvex of Le Matin Dimanche has found a convenient excuse to bring the 'Giroud affair' out of the wardrobe: if Dominique Giroud, without harming anyone, can continue on his merry way out of the spotlight, it's because the Valais Public Prosecutor's Office is letting cases drag on! Out of disorganisation, or even (as one contributor to his article of 12 March 2023 suggests) to 'protect' him. Good grief!


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